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It’s hard work running your business—but it shouldn’t be hard work running your technology! How much time do you lose working to ensure your network is up to par? How often do you worry about the hazards of a power outage? You know when your computers aren’t talking to each other, you can’t talk with your clients and customers. You also know that, without a power supply, nothing gets done.

Draico brings you inclusive IT networks—both wired and wireless—along with a state-of-the-art energy management system to keep them humming! Our combination of computer and power networks incorporate solar and battery storage, EV charging, building energy management, and the best IT products to keep your business thriving in the modern era!


What We Do

Establish Your Wired and Wireless Networks

We all know there’s nothing worse than IT issues. They’re always unplanned, and the time, expense, and frustration are enough to derail an entire workday. But so many workplace tech issues stem from faulty networks and a poorly engineered power setup. With the right products in place—and the right energy management—you’ll never have to face the ire of your colleagues by informing them that “the system is down”.

Draico is here to set you up for success. We’ll install a system that gives you full control of your operations, speeds up your workflow, and saves you inestimable money by streamlining your operations and cutting your power costs. We’ve curated the most effective, high-caliber IT and energy management products created for business operations looking to hone their processes and accelerate their output. Control your communications, conserve your energy, and watch your revenue grow!


Enjoy Products Designed for Energy Management

Renewable energy is the way of the future. Just as cars, factories, and homes are making the switch—so are offices and workplaces. Alongside comprehensive computer networks, Draico partners with Smappee, one of the leading developers in future-proof energy solutions and renewable energy management. Designed for the smart grid revolution, Smappee technology adapts to any energy scenario. You can add extra modules and monitor your energy consumption data in real time—a gamechanger for optimizing your costs and operations.

Take advantage of full-spectrum electrical power networks for your business. We install all the equipment and connections to power your cars and technology. You’ll lead the energy transition with Smappee EV chargers and take control of the energy running through your charging station and throughout the rest of your facilities. When solar isn’t an option, your Smappee EV pulls energy from the next cheapest and most efficient sources. Now is the time to experience the difference for yourself. Run your operation with ease, fuel up your vehicles, and keep yourself on the grid!


Get Connected Immediately with Done-For-You Installation

For your IT setup, Draico brings you up-to-the-minute products from Ubiquiti, an IT brand that specializes in simplifying networks for businesses. You’ll be giving yourself a multi-application network operating system that fully integrates with your desktop workstations, security features, and smart office technology. Draico configures and installs all products and ensures you’re fully familiar with how they work, how they’re controlled, and how you can use them to make your workplace more empowered and optimized than ever before. Network cables, WIFI access points, IT smart systems, team training—we handle it all!


Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works and products.

Smappee EV Wall

EV charger


Smappee EV Base

EV Charger 2x22kw

The most beatiful and clever charger for ev chargers on the earth.

Smappee Infinity Monitoring System

Electric Monitoring System

Monitor and see energy, solar, gas and water at a glance.

Distribution Panel

Distribution Panel with Smappee Infinity in.

An example of a complete distribution panel with Smappee Infinity installed.

Fuse Panel



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